Home Decor Decorating with Silk Panels

Decorating with silk panels is one of the easiest, most stylish and versatile ways to update or refresh your décor. Panels, like the window draperies shown here can be purchased already sewn and hemmed for window treatments or, by the yard for custom designs. I love to use drapery panels, yards of silk, old and antique silk saree (sari) material not only to cover windows, but to drape over a sofa for a chic and expensive look, folded neatly and draped at the foot of the bed to instantly create the look of a posh hotel room, and spread over beat up (but still in use) furniture like TV stands or ottomans to create glamorous custom made accessories.

Custom decorating turns an architectural structure into a warm, inviting home. Silk window panels will help set the style and mood for your particular decorating theme. They are a touch that coordinates the furniture, accessories, walls, and floor treatments, to create a cohesive, unifying design. The panels shown here are Chinese silk and are readily available in brick and mortar stores and online.

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