Travel the Silk Road – Marco Polo Style

There is more than enough controversy in the tale told by Marco Polo about his journeys over the Silk Road to fill a library of books. The story spans several decades, involves exotic, mysterious, fantastical accounts of riches and wealth beyond imagination, as well as scandal and intrigue.

Many scholars discount Polo’s descriptions of travelling through China. How could he not mention that the Chinese drink tea, they ask, and why was he not mentioned in the meticulous records of travelers kept by Chinese scribes, and how in the world did he miss recounting one of the most important historical inventions of all history, then widespread in China – printing?

Even though some experts think Polo’s stories of China are secondhand and garbled, most do agree that his writings of the Middle East and Arabia are very accurate and detailed.

No matter what the actual truth is, the story of the Silk Road, and the riches it holds, begins in China. The legend and writings of Marco Polo is a traveler’s delight – an explorers dream. Filled with exotic mystery and beautiful fabrics woven of silk and gold, the aroma of spices and incense, cinnamon and tea, dark skinned people speaking foreign tongues, trading of animals, people, religions — these pages will outline for you the path of the famed Silk Road.

From Venice to Cathay, the journey begins…

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