How to Drape a Silk Sari (Saree)

Six yards of sheer elegance is essentially what a silk sari is about. Because of the many beautiful draping styles, it is one of the most elegant and flattering outfits a woman can wear. The sari is an unstitched long piece of fabric (often made of luxurious silk) that can be draped in over a hundred different ways – with designers still coming up with new and inventive ways to this day. Draping a sari is an art – depending on the fabric and how well it is assembled, it can make you look 20 pounds lighter or 20 pounds heavier! A saree (sari) is worn in different ways in different states of India. The most common way of draping a sari is wrapping the cloth around the waist, making pleats in the front and the remaining fabric is then draped over her blouse (or bodice) and shoulder. This long part of the saree (sari) can then fall behind, or carried to the front in many different ways – whatever the woman is in the mood for at the time – usually in a way that is either most glamorous or most comfortable. That kind of versatility is part of a silk sari’s simplistic beauty.
The stunning peacock green silk sari shown here is offset with a traditional, but modern “Bollywood style” gold silk detailed hem pattern and contrasting red embroidery. These are traditional colors, put together in a bold, modern way and draped to mimic the old Hollywood (in this case Bollywood) style. I call this a red carpet outfit with an ethnic elegant twist.

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