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Bollywood fashion sets the tone for all South East Asian and much Middle Eastern fashion. In last two decades, the designers that are part of the largest film industry in the world have been shaping the fashion of Indian and Pakistani clothing. Interestingly Bollywood fashion has transcended that part of the world and is making a major impact on Western style as well. Here’s a little history on the cultural phenomenon that is Bollywood and its impact on style and clothing.

Up until the late 1980s, fashions in Hindi films showed a limited sense of style. Even though Indian inspired silks and embroidery were unrivaled – the film industry did not showcase superior workmanship and fashion forward style. Costuming in film was either very ordinary street style clothing or extremely garish and gaudy.

During the 1990’s and beyond, Indian designers became a force all their own. When Sushmita Sen appeared in flowing silk saris in a hit movie, this traditional dress was catapulted into the urban fashion scene. Shamita Shetty made the sharara (a Muslim inspired lehenga choli that is actually flared pants giving the illusion of a skirt) a hit and Priyanka Chopra made the red silk dupatta (drape) synonymous with Bollywood fashion.
    Hindi films have inspired Indian style over the last two decades, but the fascinating phenomenon is the carry over of Indian fashion to the West. The recent tunic top craze is one example. It’s a style that looks flattering on everyone – from teenagers to grandmothers. Then, of course, there’s Boho Chic — bohemian or ethnic clothing driven by Indian, and Bollywood fashion. This trend has been around since the hippies of the 1960’s and there seems to be no end in sight. TIME, MSN, and even Bella Online have all praised this hot ethnic trend.

The comfort, elegance, beauty and especially the versatility of Indian clothing are not lost to the western public. For example, a silk embroidered kurta or tunic top can be worn to the beach as a cover, a cocktail party, out clubbing, or even a formal event.

Where should you look for hip Bollywood fashion? A local Indian boutique is not a bad start. Another good place is the web. Plenty of sites such as (who offers free shipping and 10% off) and Benzer offer good choices. Kaneesha offers high quality silk embroidered fashions that appeal to western sensibilities while still being totally unique and easy on the budget.

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